Community Service awards are a perfectway to show recognition to those who do so much for your organization and the community. All of the art on this web gallery can be easily customized to be your own unique way of showing your appreciation.

The first "Serving the Community - Torah and Jerusalem" is shown with a dedication plaque on the mat.
fine art print
$65 -  8" x 10"
$75 - 11" x 14"
$90 - 16" x 20"
Dedication plaque: $15
10% discount on orders of 5 or more of the same
fine art print.
Community Service
Standard Sizes and Pricing - Vertical & Horizontal Pieces

Serving The Community
Jerusalem Torah
Shown with mat and dedication plaque


She opens her mouth
with wisdom
Lyrical Jerusalem


Ilan Ilan,
How Shall I Bless you - English
Jerusalem Blue Sunrise


Serving The Community
Columned Archway of Jerusalem

Rambam's Physician's Prayer


Prayer for Success

Ilan Ilan,
How Shall I Bless you - Hebrew
Jerusalem Blue Sunrise