All of the fine art seen on this Website can be customized to suit you. If you have a special phrase, prayer, or meaningful thought that you would like incorporated into one of the works of art on this Web gallery, Goldie will work with you personally to create your unique vision.

Any of the prints that have words in them, come in both Hebrew and/or English. If you have a special occassion that you would like to make more meaningful, Goldie will work with you personally to bring your ideas to fruition in a beautiful work of art. Throughout the website there are variations on color and wording, if you see something else, or a combination of pieces, contact Goldie to bring it all together.
Family & Friends
Standard Sizes and Pricing - Vertical & Horizontal Pieces
fine art print only
$65 -  8" x 10" or
$75 - 11" x 15" or
12: x 12"
$90 - 16" x 20" or
18" x 18"

Blessing for the Home
Lyrical Jerusalem Dark Jewel


Crown of the Parents


Blessing for the Home
Jerusalem Flower Peach Tulips


Aishet Chayil - Woman of Valor
Bouquet of Irises

Sabbath Candle Blessing
Jerusalem Flower Yellow


Crown of the Parents


Blessing for the Home
Field of Irises


She opens her mouth
with wisdom
Lyrical Jerusalem

Aishet Chayil - Woman of Valor
Lyrical Flowers


Seeking The Peace of Jerusalem
Jewel Colors


Aishet Chayil - Woman of Valor
Tulip Spray


Ilan Ilan,
How Shall I Bless you
Jerusalem Blue Sunrise